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Terms and Conditions


Working Method


iaBilet.ro is an online ticketing platform (offering its users independent intermediate services). The orders placed on www.iabilet.ro are confirmed through a registration e-mail received after finalization of the order. The ordered tickets are sent as a PDF file via e-mail/SMS after the order is placed.

After successfully placing an order online, the user will receive the ordered tickets on the e-mail address he provided ( for example, if he purchased 4 tickets, he will receive a pdf file containing the 4 tickets), that he can later print in order to present them at the entrance of the event. The user can also present the tickets directly on the phone, option that we recommend. The access for the event will be allowed after the QR code on the ticket. The QR codes are unique and  each code allows the access of only one person. Once the QR code is scanned, another person cannot use it again, not even at another entry, because all the scanners work in real time and are connected online.


In case you do oppose to it, iaBilet can later send you promotional offers for other events that are happening in your area or that could interest you, via e-mail or SMS. The goal of this messages is to increase customer loyalty. If you do not wish to receive this information anymore, you can always unsubscribe or e-mail us at dpo[at] iaBilet.ro for an anonymization on iaBilet.ro.

When you make a purchase, iaBilet will show and separate the tax for the intermediate services provided, separately from the ticket price. In some exceptional cases, the intermediate service tax is included in the ticket price, but it is shown separate at the moment of purchase.


Customer Service


The e-mail contact@iabilet.ro which you can use to contact us in connected to a special ticketing software, similar to the one used my mobile companies. Our colleagues are taking the tickets one by one as they are being assigned to them and are answering in order to each ticket. Sometimes, given the large number of requests, it can take up to 48 hours or longer for you to receive a reply, depending on the complexity of the request. WE assure you that all of our customers are equally important to us and that we do the best in order for you to receive an answer as fast as possible and to offer you a quality service.

The communication with our customers is exclusively written, in order to follow the discussion flow and be able to efficiently and quickly resolve the tasks. iaBilet.ro uses a ticket software used by Telekom companies, where each task is assigned to an account manager, watched by their colleagues and superiors. We encourage you to use the e-mail address above and thank you for your understanding!


Payment Options

For ticket purchase, IA BILET accepts the following purchase options:


Pay via card

On www.iabilet.ro, when you pay by card, you pay exactly the amount for the order, no other extra taxes.

Pay by debit or credit card will be processed by http://www.librabank.ro/ , iaBilet partner for processing these payments. Communication with the processor is done via a secure SSL connection, the transmitted data being encrypted. All information regarding the card will be processed exclusively by the online payment processer.

By keeping the “Activate fast payment” option active, present in the online payment form offered by the processor, the user agrees to activate the service through which he can later pay just by entering their CVC2/CVV security code.

American Express Card owners can use a PayPal account.


Pay via Vodafone

If the users have a Vodafone Plan, they can choose to pay their tickets on the Vodafone bill. The amount paid to iaBilet will be shown in the monthly telephone bill. The charge will be processed in euro , and the customer will be able to pay for it in LEI, at the BNR exchange rate from the day of the billing.

The charged amount is calculated in euro using the BNR exchange rate from the day the order is made and it includes a processing tax, listed separately in the payment summary.

The maximum cost for a transaction is 30 euro; an additional limit of 200 euro exists for all the payments over the course of one month.

Payment via PrePay is not available, the payment is only for the Vodafone Plan.


Pay via Orange

If the users have an Orange  Plan or a PrePay Card, , they can choose to pay their tickets on the Orange bill or they can choose the cost to be deducted from the PrePay credit. The charge will be processed in euro , and the customer will be able to pay for it in LEI, at the BNR exchange rate from the day of the billing.

For those who have a monthly Orange Plan, the order charge will be found on the monthly telephone bill. This charge will be shown in euro, and the customer will be able to pay for it in LEI, at the BNR exchange rate from the day of the billing.

For the PrePay users, the TVA of the tickets will not be deducted from the TVA of the recharging of the card.

The maximum cost for a transaction is 30 euro; an additional limit of 100 euro exists for all the payments over the course of one month.


Pay via PayPal

The payment amount will be calculated in euro using the PayPal exchange rate from the day of the order and it will include an on top/extra processing tax of up to 10%, listed separately in the payment summary shown before “Pay now” in the PayPal platform. This tax is added on top of the ticket price and it includes the PayPal fee and a platform tax.


Pay via bank transfer

You can e-mail your request at contact@iabilet.ro and you will receive the transfer data.


Pay by cash at delivery

The delivery is done quickly by a fast delivery service courier. All orders places before 15:00 will be handed to Fan Courier delivery service in the same day, the delivery being done in 24-48 hours( 1-2 work days, excluding legal free days or extreme meteorological conditions). After handing the envelope to the delivery service worker, the customer will receive a notice on the provided e-mail with the delivery number given by the delivery service.

ATTENTION: If you opted for delivery of the tickets and after 7 days from placing the order you refused the order or the delivery person did not manage to get a hold of you or iaBilet contacted you and you did not answer, your order will be cancelled.

ATTENTION: Tickets ordered by delivery in physical form cannot be lost. IA BILET  will not replace them with other tickets and will not take responsibility for this kind of incident. In the case you lose your tickets, you will have to buy new ones. To avoid this kind of incident, we recommend you buy electronic tickets, which can always be found on the IA BILET app available in App Store or Google Play.

Delivery Fee

The delivery fee is paid by the customer exclusively, following the personal decision to purchase tickets by delivery and it’s 25 RON for Bucharest and 30 RON for the surrounding areas*.

*areas that are covered by the Fan Courier Express SRL, that can be modified on their own accord by the service. The areas that are not covered by Fan Courier will have an extra charge for every extra kilometer from the nearest Fan Courier work point, case in which you will be contacted via phone or e-mail by a iaBilet operator for a notice.

The delivery fee can be greater if you live in an area not covered by Fan Courier. This fee depends on the area you live and where you want the shipment to arrive.

During legal holidays, IA BILET SRL can limit the delivery option for its orders.


Ticket Refunding

ATTENTION: in case of cancelation of the order or of the event, iaBilet will only refund the ticket charge, and will not refund the fees of intermediate services of the order.

Canceling an order and getting a refund can be done by using iaBilet.ro/anulare. In the case you opt for a refund in your bank account, please provide un a Romanian IBAN or a PayPal account. iaBilet will not make refund in foreign bank accounts or Revolut accounts.

ATTENTION: This tool will cancel all the tickets in an order. You cannot cancel your order partially.

ATTENTION: Customers who ordered tickets via card 6 months or longer prior to the moment they want to cancel must provide an IBAN. Libra Pay, the processer, can automatically refund only orders done with a maximum of 6 months prior to the cancelation request.

ATTENTION: For some events, the organizer is free to forbid ticket cancellation. The purchase of tickets is excluded from the right of retraction stated by OUG 34/2014, in conformity to art. 16 lit. I) from the normative act mentioned above. Examples: Sublime Events, Artmania, Emagic

ATTENTION: Some organizers that we work with (Emagic, Artmania, Sublime etc…) have decided that in the case an event is cancelled, a refund will be made after 14 days from the cancelation date. In the unhappy case of cancellation of one if these type of events, you will be informed via e-mail and the money will be refunded according the the organizer’s wish.

ATTENTION: In case of cancelation of the order or of the event, refunding for orders payed via Vodafone and Orange will be done by adjustment of the phone bill from the following month of the date in which the refund was made. For example, if the cancellation was made in August, the adjustment will be on September’s bill.

ATTENTION:  Refunds will not be made via postal mandate. In the case you purchased the tickets and paid at delivery or purchased them from one of our physical points and you have no IBAN account where the money can be refunded, we recommend you speak with a friend or family member and use their account. Thank you for understanding.

ATTENTION:  Some events on the site have the intermediate services tax included in the displayed ticket price.

Purchase of services is excluded from the right of retraction stated by OUG 34/2014, in conformity to art. 16 lit. I) from the normative act mentioned above.  This intermediate tax is shown on every purchase step, starting from the event page to the payment page, not changing. No price or extra fee is added without being clearly shown, except the ones that are shown in every step of the purchase and navigation. The customer agrees with the start of intermediate services  for ticket emission and affiliate services when placing the order. The customer declares that he understands that by placing the order he will lose the right of retraction, following complete execution of the contract by the Site Administrator.

According to the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of the purchase, for some events published on the site, the commission (regardless of its nature) or the intermediate ticketing tax is added on top of the ticket price. In other words, the charge of your order includes both the ticket price and the taxes mentioned above.

Ia Bilet can only refund the ticket price in case of cancellation of the order or the event.

The intermediate services tax is not refundable, this service being done successfully at the moment of purchase and is not conditioned by the actual event taking place.

Also, please have in mind that Purchase of services is excluded from the right of retraction stated by OUG 34/2014, in conformity to art. 16 lit. I) from the normative act mentioned above.

iaBilet is an online platform that can enable customers buying event tickets from the organizers. Therefore, the whole responsibility regarding the events is held by the organizers. They take full responsibility regarding the possible delays, cancellations or any other issues regarding the events to which they sold tickets via iaBilet.ro, for running them in unproper conditions or other conditions then the ones told by the organizer or the ones mentioned by the current legislation, and for any other restrictions imposed by people involved in the organization or by authorities.

The organizer has the right to modify the date of the event, the new information being communicated by specific communication channels.

Therefore, Ia Bilet will not take responsibility for any request regarding: intensity or quality of the sound, visibility, placement of the tables in the venue, setlist of the artist, cleaning services, alimentation, security, wardrobe, bars and not limited to these. For any complaint regarding the mentioned above aspects or any others that are regarding the organizing of the event, please address them to the organizer.

A ticket can be refunded or exchanged for another only of the organizer of the event allows it and only by respecting the conditions from point A, with the exception that the event is cancelled (will not take place at all), case in which refunding  the ticket will be done according to point B. Under no circumstance will a request sent after the date and beginning hours of the event will be considered.


A.          The refunding of the ticket can be done respecting the terms and conditions you are about to read, after sending the request to contact@iabilet.ro:

1.       If the refund request is done with at least 14 days before the show date (or the first day of it, if it’s a festival), following the refund, the customer will receive a voucher for the whole charge (excluding other taxes, fees, charges paid by the customer, including, but not exclusively, delivery fee, reservation fee, etc). The voucher can be used to buy tickets to other event through www.iabilet.ro.

2.       If the refund request is done with at least 7 days before the starting date and hours of the event(or the first day of it if it’s a festival), the customer will receive either 70% of the ticket charge (excluding other taxes, fees, charges paid by the customer, including, but not exclusively, delivery fee, reservation fee, etc), either a voucher for the same amount(determined accordingly to the terms mentioned above). The voucher can only be used to buy tickets for other events on www.iabilet.ro.

3.       If the refund request in done with at least a day before the event (or the first day of the event if it’s a festival), the customer will receive either 50% of the ticket charge (excluding other taxes, fees, charges paid by the customer, including, but not exclusively, delivery fee, reservation fee, etc), either a voucher of 70% of the ticket price (excluding other taxes, fees, charges paid by the customer, including, but not exclusively, delivery fee, reservation fee, etc). The voucher can only be used to buy tickets for other events on www.iabilet.ro.


In all the situations mentioned above, the intermediate services tax is not refundable. The moment the customer makes the refund request, he will be fitted in one of the three scenarios above(1-3). In other words, if the request is done 14 days prior to the event, the customer will benefit of the point 1 scenario, without benefiting from the scenarios 2 and 3.


B.          If an event in cancelled, please send your request rearding the event to contact@iabilet.ro and to the e-mail address of the organizer. Ia Bilet SRL will collaborate with the organizer regarding refunding the tickets value, but can’t guarantee about it and has no obligation in refunding the ticket without a previous agreement to the organizer. Basically, depending on the moment of the request, the refund will be made by the organizer if Ia Bilet already transferred the earning from the event in their account, or by Ia Bilet, if the organizers agreed to make refunds, in a maximum of 15 work days, only by bank transfer. To elimin any doubts, Ia Bilet SRL and the organizers are mentioning that the refund will not include other taxes, fees, charges paid by the customer, including, but not exclusively, delivery fee, reservation fee, etc.


Ways to receive your refund based on your option of payment for the tickets, after the request has been sent to contact@iabilet.ro:

-If the tickets were purchased via card or paypal, the refund will be made in the account from which the initial paymend was made;

-if the tickets were purchased via Vodafone or Orange, the refund will be made my adjustment on the monthly bill;

-if the tickets were purchased via delivery, via one of our physical points (find the list here: https://www.iabilet.ro/puncte-de-vanzare/) or other Ia Bilet partners, the refund wil be made in a LEI account(the owner being the physical person) provided at contcat@iabilet.ro.

In the case of theft or loss of the online tickets, the customer must communicate this information to Ia Bilet at contact@iabilet.ro, regarding replacement of the tickets. If the customer doesn’t make the replacement request in the needed time, Ia Bilet will not take responsibility for another person using the tickets or the impossibility pf the customer of participating at the event because of the lost or stolen tickets.

Under no circumstance can tickets be return after the event took place.


On top taxes on the website and in physical store

Some  organizers with whom Ia Bilet works with chose to add on top taxes over the ticket price. Therefore, in some cases, you will pay a larger amount then the one you can see on some social media channels.Ia Bilet will always show the final amount to be paid by the customer before he can pay. It’s worth mentioning that these taxes aren’t always a fee of Ia Bilet and that the final charge is paid by all of our customers that purchase tickets for the show, no matter the source of purchase.



If the organizer wants to, iaBilet.ro can always relocate your seats, but you will be previously informed and you will receive via e-mail the new seats. These relocations are made due to measures regarding production and can spontaneously appear even a few days or a day before the event. The seats chosen by you may be occupied by technical machineries or decorations or can be relocated at the wish of the artist. These cases are extremely rare though. In case you wish to give your tickets up you have been relocated, you can request it and you will be refunded.


Reselling tickets

Reselling tickets is strictly forbidden by some organizers. If you wish to give your tickets up and be refunded for them, we recommend you send an e-mail to contact@iabilet.ro and make a request regarding your wish. Attention, you must respect the terms and conditions mentioned in the “Ticket Refunding” section.

The organizers that do not allow resell of the tickets have reserved the right to cancel any and all the tickets that are being offered for sale, including the ones in digital selling spaces, marketplaces etc , following with an e-mail towards the seller, communicating their actions and refunding your tickets following their cancellation. Please have in mind that in some situations, the measure of cancelling the tickets will only be made if the reselling price is different than the one shown on the tickets (and paid by the customer). In any case, we recommend to contact the organizer to be fully informed about reselling restrictions.


Data Traffic

The data traffic associated with using the service is taxed according to the operator’s payment plan.



If a customer uses a voucher to purchase tickets and the whole voucher sum is not spent, the difference cannot be reimbursed.

The voucher can only be used for a singular order.

The voucher has a validity of 365 days from the date it was emitted.


Overloading the network

iaBilet.ro can limit in real time the available number of tickets for an event when the demand (local or global) is high, in order to protect the network/ the platform from being overloaded and offering you the best experience possible.  As the traffic get’s lower, the tickets will become available again, gradually. This method is common, so sometimes you will may see that some categories are almost sold out at one point, and after a few moments there are more tickets available.


Limited-Visibility Seats

 Some organizers can sell seats with limited visibility. These will have a specific name that will let you know their nature. Limited-visibility seats do not guarantee the best concert experience. You may need to stand up in order to see the show or a part of your view may be obstructed by a railing, a bar umbrella, a sound tent or other. Once bought, these tickets cannot be refunded neither before nor after the show. The customer will assume responsibility of the limited view when making the purchase.


Disclosure regarding personal data

According to Law no 677/2001 on protection regarding the free usage of personal data and free movement of such data, modified and completed and Law no 506/2004 on processing personal data and protection of the private life in electronic communications domain, the site administrator will administrate the data provided by the users in the most secure conditions and only the ways that the user is informed. We wish to inform you that personal data is processed to give the best user experience by the site administrator of commercial, marketing  and publicity services electronic communication services and services related to the ticket selling online platform.

Each user, by their own will, provides some of their data to benefit of the services offered by the site administrator. Refusing to provide some of the data can lead to impossibility of accessing some features of the site. Your personal data can be transmitted to Ia Bilet SRL partners involved in providing services through the site.

By Law no 677/2001, each user has the right to access, to intervene in his own data, the right to not be subject to an individual decision and the right to address to a justice figure. Also, the user has the right to oppose procession of his personal data and request it be deleted. Users understand and accept that erasure of their data will be followed by not being able to access the services offered by the site’s administrator.

To exert these rights, each user shall make a written request and send it to the site’s administrator’s address: Ia Bilet S.R.L., with the office at Bd. Pierre de Coubertin, nr. 3-5, Office Center, 3rd floor, camera 3I, sector 2, Bucharest or by e-mail at: contact@iabilet.ro.

The administrator Ia Bilet is a personal data operator signed up in the Register of Evidence of Personal Data Processers under no. 27615.

In attention of the Hard Rock Café and Beraria H customers: your name, phone number and e-mail address will be automatically transmitted to the location in order to keep in touch about your reservation. If you notice they are being wrongfully used or abused, please contact us. Thank you!

Delegate officer DPO GDPR: dpo [at] iabilet.ro


Limits of responsibility


IA BILET is not responsible in any way for payment via Card and Vodafone processing . IA BILET is not responsible in any way for errors and fraud coming from this service. Still, even tough the payment services are completely and independently offered and coordinated  by our providers, IA BILET  will assure all measures to limit the risk of fraud and errors. IA BILET is not responsible of any change made by the organizers to the events.

As much as the law allows, IA BILET ( “Site Administrator”) does not take responsibility and will not guarantee for the site content of the site www.iabilet.ro  (“site”), regardless of the fact that it’s created by the Site Administrator, it’s published in Site by contractual partners or at their request or it’s offered by the event organizers to be published on the Site (“Site Content”). The Site Administrator will make all the reasonable efforts to assure accuracy and reliability in the Site and will try to correct errors and omissions as soon as possible. As much as the law allows, the Site Administrator will not offer any guarantee and will not take responsibility  for the Site Content  and as much as the law allows, he cannot be held responsible for any loss or prejudice that could result from using any part or module of the Site Content or for the impossibility of usage, regardless of the cause or misinterpretation of any provision of the Site Content.

Users understand and accept the fact that provision of the Ia Bilet Service can be affected by some objective conditions, as well as any services offered by the Site are offered with the idea “as they are”, “as they are available”, and Users use these services at their own risk. Users understand and accept the fact that the Site Administrator is absolved of any responsibility  in case the site stops working, starts lagging or in case of technical errors of any kind, as well as unauthorized access in the Site system, operation errors, etc.

Users understand and accept that the Site Administrator is absolved as much as the law allows it of any responsibility for any direct and indirect losses, moral losses including but not limited to capital loss, honor and reputation prejudices, good custom loss and other intangible losses, resulted from usage of the service or any other aspect of it, as well as usage of the Site Content in any way or other juristic aspects coming from it.


Tax bill for legal entities

For orders places my legal entities, a tax bill can be made following a written request made by filling out this form: www.iabilet.ro/facturi

The request must be complete with full and correct data: order number or the name used to place the order and complete billing data (Society name, CUI, Trade register number, registered office address, Bank account number, the Bank for the account, delegate)

The tax bill for the ticket price is not emitted by iaBilet.ro, it is emitted by the organizer for whom we sell tickets. Your request will be sent directly to the organizer.

If the intermediate service tax is charged directly from the customer, the tax bill for it will be made by iaBilet.ro, not the organizer.