HANBYUL 1st Online Fansmeet Mini-Concert - (singing and answering questions)

vStage, Romania
Saturday, 1 August, 17:00
Again, the K-pop fans have a reason to celebrate.
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Jang Hanbyul is an experienced artist with a career spanning almost 10 years. As the former frontman of K-pop band, Led Apple, Hanbyul has also been the host of several global K-pop shows including 'After School Club', and 'Simply KPOP', and appeared in K-Dramas like 'To the Beautiful You'. Renowned as a go-to artist to sing OSTs for many popular K-dramas such as 'Sassy Go Go' and ‘Marriage Not Dating’. His solo career has been recognized globally with Top 5 charting singles in Korea, China, Japan and Malaysia.